Melio presents

Small Business Season

Got a special offer for the holidays? Let Melio promote it and your small business for free

Registration is now closed.

We would like to thank all of the great businesses that signed up for the project.
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Spreading the holiday KaChing

This year has been different, but Covid-19 also reminded us how important it is to support the community and the small businesses that keep it together. So, this holiday season, Melio chipped in and promoted* your special offers or sales to help bring in new customers

What do you need to do?

Simply fill out a short questionnaire about your holiday promotion or sale to sign up. Provide any relevant information and visual assets that we can use, as well as contact details and links to your business’ website and social media profiles.

We’ll do the rest!

We will promote your promotion on our own social media profiles, blog, or website (or simply all of the above) and allocate a special budget for targeted ads that will help you reach a larger customer base in your area!

Selected promotions already underway

Search for the hashtag #SmallBusinessSeason on your favorite social media network for more details on the special offers
*Subject to the campaign’s terms and conditions.