Start Accepting Digital Payments, Completely Free

Now more than ever - accept payments online - directly to your bank account.
Enable business customers to pay you by card or bank, at no cost to you.
Quick and easy set up. Trackable, fast, safe and free.

Create your link and share

How it works

How it works

1. Claim your pay-link

Sign up and set up your own pay-link so that customers can pay you in a few clicks without needing your banking details.

How it works

2. Request a payment

Share an invoice-specific payment request link with your customer and track the payment along as it’s clicked and paid.

How it works

3. Get paid fast

Customers pay with their card or bank—even without signing up. Payments arrive securely to your bank account in two business days for free.

Why should I use

Stop waiting for checks
Instead of waiting a week or more for checks, receive payments directly to your bank account in just 1-3 business days without any fees whatsoever.

Your customers love it
Businesses love paying with Melio. That’s because in just a few clicks they can pay with bank transfers for free. They can even charge credit cards (2.9% fee for them, free for you). And they don’t even need to sign up.

More than just digital
Using means that your invoice requests are all centralized in a simple dashboard, and it’s all trackable in a click. It’s accounts receivable 2.0.


For you
On any transaction, always.
No monthly fees.
Free account.
For your customers
When they pay you with a bank transfer.
Charged to your customers if they pay you with a credit card.