Payment Solutions for Professional Service Providers

Manage all your accounts payable online for free. Save time and focus on growing your client base.

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How it works

Add vendor/bill details

Enter details manually, upload a file or take a photo of an invoice.


Pay via bank transfer

Send funds immediately, or schedule payment for later via ACH transfer


Pay by card or bank

Pay with a bank transfer or card, even where cards are not accepted.


Choose payment delivery

Melio mails a check on your behalf or deposits to your vendor's bank. Even if they aren't registered.


Manage all payments from one place

Simplify the payment process for both yourself and your clients. Send and track payments from one easy-to-use dashboard. Schedule payments in advance and spend less time following up on dates and more time on your business.

Pay all your wine and spirits distributors from one place.  Schedule payment in advance so they arrive exactly on time.
Schedule payment online to your wine & spirits distributors. Avoid COD late penalties and early payment cash-flow issues.

Collaborative Bill Pay

Assign payment roles to your staff while keeping control of the process. Allow them to create and update bills. Approve who has payment permissions and for how much.

Multiple payment methods

With Melio you can pay suppliers with a bank transfer (ACH) for free. You can also use a credit card for a minimal 2.9% tax-deductible fee, and pay both fixed costs and suppliers. Defer payments to your next billing cycle, increase cash-flow and earn card rewards. Your recipient gets a check or bank transfer.

Pay wine and spirits invoices with a credit card.  Distributor receives a check or bank transfer.
Payment delivery to your wine & spirits distributors.  Melio does it for you. Distributor receives a check or bank transfer.

Save time on payment delivery

Use Melio to pay business bills from wherever you are, Melio will handle payment delivery. No need to spend time mailing checks or setting up bank transfers.

Melio is ideal for a wide range of Professional Service providers including:

Accounting Services
Bookkeeping Services
Call Centers
Communication Services
Computer Programming Services
Consulting Services
Design Services
Direct Marketing
Election Campaigns and Political Organizations
Financial Services
Insurance Services
Human Resources
Information Technology and Hosting Services
Legal Services
Marketing and Advertising Services
Media and Publishing
Payroll Services
Photography Services
Public and Government Services
Registered Training Organizations
Security and Investigation Services
Tax Preparation Services
Temp and Admin Services

No monthly fees and no charge to payment receivers

Why businesses like you trust Melio

"Melio has been key to my Accounts Payable functions. They've allowed me to float a ton of expenses while not having to take out loans. Their simple user interface and awesome customer support free up our staff to deal with other problem areas. Well done!"

Mike Scanlan
CEO, CoinMover

"Melio is a life saver. Makes payments to vendors quick and efficient. Their user interface is one of the best and easiest to work with I've ever seen. We are truly grateful we found melio. Highly recommend."

Alejandro Duque
COO, Plei, Inc.