Payment Solutions for Home Services & Utilities industry

Pay all your business bills from one easy-to-use dashboard. Save time & minimize paperwork. Use a credit card to maximize your cash-flow, even where cards are not accepted.

Melio keeps all your information
100% secure and private.

Learn about payment solutions for your business

How it works

Add vendor/bill details

Enter details manually, upload a file or take a photo of an invoice.


Pay via bank transfer

Send funds immediately, or schedule payment for later via ACH transfer


Pay by card or bank

Pay with a bank transfer or card, even where cards are not accepted.


Choose payment delivery

Melio mails a check on your behalf or deposits to your vendor's bank. Even if they aren't registered.


Manage all your payments from one place

Melio makes it easy to organize all payables for your home services & utilities business into one user-friendly dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere. Keep track of your upcoming invoices and schedule one-time and recurring payments exactly for when they are due.

Pay all your wine and spirits distributors from one place.  Schedule payment in advance so they arrive exactly on time.
Schedule payment online to your wine & spirits distributors. Avoid COD late penalties and early payment cash-flow issues.

Use a credit card - even where cards are not accepted

Pay virtually any business expense for your home services & utilities business with a credit card, even fixed costs like rent and insurance. Defer payments till your next billing cycle, preserve cash flow and earn card rewards (2.9%  fee).  Your vendors receive a check or bank deposit.

Save time on payment delivery

Use Melio to pay bills for your home services & utilities business and we will handle payment delivery to your suppliers. Spend less time sending checks and setting up bank transfers and more time on growing your business.

Pay wine and spirits invoices with a credit card.  Distributor receives a check or bank transfer.
Payment delivery to your wine & spirits distributors.  Melio does it for you. Distributor receives a check or bank transfer.

Melio is ideal for a wide range of Home and Utilities Service businesses including:

Cleaning Services
Landscaping & Garden Services
Moving Services
Home energy auditor
Home inspection services
Home organization
Apartment Prepping
Pest Control & Extermination
Plumbing, Electricians and HVAC
Pool Service and Maintenance
Property Management
Real Estate agency
Repair and Maintenance
Homeowner Association
Waste Removal & Recycling Services
Gas & Water
Real Estate Investors

No monthly fees and no charge to payment receivers

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