Accountants referral program
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How do I sign up?

Just click here and fill out a short form.

How much do I get for each referral?

You will get $500 for each new successful referral!

How do I get paid for a successful referral?

The Melio Accountants Referral Program uses the PartnerStack platform. All payments are made via PartnerStack. For more information on receiving your payments please read this article.

How do I get started with the referral program?

1. Sign up for the program to get a personal referral link.
2. Refer accounting pros to Melio using a personal referral link.
3. Your referral signs up to Melio and adds their first client. They both need to be new Melio users.
4. The client completes their first payment.
5. You get $500 from Melio.

Whom can I refer?

The Accountant Referral Program is for referring accountants and bookkeepers. Your referrals need to sign up to Melio as an accounting firm.

How do I get my personal referral link?

After you sign up for the program, you will get a welcome email with your personal referral link, and access to your dashboard, where you can always grab your link.

Can I promote Melio on online and social outlets, to get more referrals?

Of course! You can promote Melio’s platform organically through online assets (e.g. website, forum, blog) and personal social media profiles. However, promoting Melio through paid advertising is not permitted. This includes Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Taboola. Coupon promotions of any kind are also prohibited.

How can I keep track of my referrals?

Once you join the program, you’ll have access to your personalized dashboard, where you will be able to track the status of all your referrals and awards.

What if I have questions about the payout amount?

For questions about the payout amount (or any other questions about the referral program), you can either reply to any of the referral program emails you received from Melio, or open the drop-down menu on the top-right corner of your PartnerStack dashboard (next to your user name), and click on “Contact Melio”.

What do I do if a referral signed up, but didn’t go through the referral link?

All referrals must sign up through the referral link. To ensure your referral counts and you get the reward, please make sure they use your personal link.

What happens if I send out the link to a colleague but they sign up only after a while?

The link is in effect for 90 days from the date it has been clicked on. These conditions need to be met within the 90 day time limit:
- Your referee doesn’t have an existing account.
- Your referee signs up as an accounting firm when joining Melio.
- They add their first client and send their first payment within 90 days of joining via your link.

What happens if my colleague signed up before the 90 day time limit, but his client made their first payment only afterwards?

The link is in effect for 90 days from the date it has been clicked on. For the referral to count as successful, all conditions (including the first payment) need to be met within the 90 day time limit.

How are you tracking the referral links?

We use cookies to track the referral links.

How do I get a 1099?

PartnerStack (which is the platform Melio uses for the referral program) issues tax forms through its payout providers (Stripe and Paypal). For more information on getting your 1099, please read this article.

A referral of mine attempted to sign up via my link, but discovered that they already have a Melio account. Do I still get the reward for this referral?

Only new users (who do not have a prior Melio account) will count as a successful referral. If the person you referred already has a Melio account, you will not be entitled a reward.

Does it count as a successful referral if the accountant I send my link to is a member of my own firm/business?

No. Sending the link will qualify as a referral only if the accountant you send the link to is from a different firm/business. You will not be entitled to a reward for any members of your own firm/business joining Melio.