Free Accounts Payable
for Small Businesses

Pay any vendor or bill in one beautiful tool. Use bank transfer or card even if vendors only accept checks. Make payments in seconds, all synced with QuickBooks.

0 monthly fees, 0 transaction fees when paying with debit card or bank.

How it works

Add vendor/bill details

Enter manually, upload a file or take a photo of an invoice. It's super easy. All data can auto-sync with QuickBooks.

Pay with card or bank

Schedule payments to pay exactly when you want. Pay by bank transfer or card, even where cards are not accepted.

Vendor gets a check or bank transfer

Choose how vendor gets paid. Melio mails a check on your behalf or deposits to vendor's bank. Vendors don't need to register to Melio.

Free up cash by paying vendors with credit card

Pay vendors with your business credit card even if they don’t accept cards. Enjoy up to 45 days of float until your next credit card bill and get card rewards!

Schedule payments to easily manage multiple due dates

Stop setting reminders to pay vendors on time. You can easily select a date for when the payment should be made and make sure you pay not too soon and not too late.

Perfect sync with QuickBooks, all-in-one tool

Accounts Payable re-invented. Melio automatically syncs with your QuickBooks and even mails checks on your behalf to vendors so you don't need to cut checks anymore.

What people say about Melio

“I constantly have suppliers coming by to the business to pick up checks and its tiring, I use Melio and I finally have some quiet in my office, and I can focus on running my restaurant”

Ziva Amiel
Owner New Restart Inc.
“We started using Melio for the credit card, but now we use it to pay all our vendors and we love the simplicity.”

Jeff Segal
Owner Domestique Wine Shop
"I was shocked how easy it is to get started, this is Awesome! I can't believe I used to print and mail out checks, such a waste of time.”

Zack Muskat
Manager, Hu Kitchen
“It’s really good, also because I/we can set days payable, so we can officially have a 30 days payable policy, without me setting calendar reminders.”

Costa Gurevich
Owner Road Runners Team

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